Creating History

Sobotec was founded in 1988 with a vision to produce the best modern wall panel systems available. That vision, coupled with a strong engineering background and a commitment to innovation, led Sobotec to become the first company worldwide to design and develop a Rainscreen Wall Panel System (SL-2000) for the metal composite material (MCM) ALUCOBOND®. Sobotec’s innovation transformed the industry with the SL-2000 system, widely expanding the use of MCM material all across North America.

Today, Sobotec is North America’s largest processor of metal composite panel systems, producing over 2,000,000 sq. ft. annually. Celebrating 35 years as an industry leader and pioneer, Sobotec’s vision and commitment to innovation continues to lead the industry.

The Sobotec Method

“Adding Structure to Vision” is not only our tagline, it is what we do best.

For 35 years, architects, designers, contractors and building owners have relied upon Sobotec’s method for creating world-class building envelope solutions.

  • Innovative Design Assistance
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
  • Expert Installation

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, combined with the industry’s largest technical team have earned us the distinction as a Certified Premium MCM Fabricator by the Metal Construction Association.

Furthermore, installing what we make truly sets Sobotec apart. Whether it is done by our expert in-house installation crews or one of our highly trained installation partners, countless clients have reaped the benefits of our integrated concept-to-completion approach.

Enjoy a birds-eye view of Sobotec’s facilities, located on 15 acres in Hamilton, Ontario while learning about the different divisions. Sobotec is strategically located for shipping and distribution to the North American market.


Sobotec has not only helped shape the architectural panel industry, we set the standard for it.

We revolutionized both the architectural and building industries when we created the first Rainscreen Systems for metal composites. Since then, our design has become one the most widely used and specified architectural systems worldwide.

Our commitment to vision and excellence has led us to become recognized as a North American leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of architectural wall panel systems. We are also North America’s largest fabricator of metal composites and one of the largest manufacturers of engineered panel systems.

Concept to completion is a phrase seldom heard in the architectural wall systems industry. Yet at Sobotec, it is one of the characteristics that has distinguished us as an industry leader.

Research & Development

Sobotec’s strengths in research & development, engineering and design are unsurpassed in the industry.

Our Sobotec Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) division focuses solely on research & development, customization and product innovation. The SAM division is constantly pushing the envelope with new and innovative solutions. These advances will broaden our product offerings and extend the opportunities offered to our clients, while maintaining the standard of excellence that is synonymous with our name.

Our Capabilities

Sobotec is a fully integrated, single source of responsibility provider that is able to design, manage, manufacture and install projects of any size.

Each department at Sobotec is equally adept in the design, manufacturing, and installation of architectural panel systems.

  • Annually we fabricate over 2,000,000 square feet of panels systems.

  • We use advanced automated equipment and the latest industry technologies as part of our design and manufacturing process.

  • We are able to manufacture and fabricate panels into any shape possible.

  • We also manufacture structural elements, sub-framing systems, perforated products, signage, and lighting.

  • Mass customization is part of our manufacturing process, enabling us to produce individually customized architectural products rapidly.

  • Other best practices include the use of digital modelling and 3D laser scanning.

  • We provide installation coverage all across North America and have completed over 10,000 projects in the past 35 years. This includes some of the world’s largest and complex architectural cladding projects to date.

  • We have the industry’s largest in-house engineering and technical design department.

Growth Opportunities in Engineering, Production, Installation and more!

Behind every one of our great projects is a team of talented Sobotec employees. Be part of an innovative company shaping the future of building and design.

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