The North American Leader In Architectural Wall Panels & Systems

Sobotec revolutionized the architectural and building industries by creating the first Rainscreen Systems for Metal Composite Materials (MCM).

Since then, our designs have become some of the most widely used and specified panel systems in North America.

Each of our Sobotec systems can be customized and are based on the Rainscreen Principle. They meet the highest standards of:

  • Engineering
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Testing
  • Safety

Our commitment to using proven and tested world-class materials is the hallmark of our systems. The benefits of these materials include a range of:

  • Materials and Surfaces
  • Colours and Finishes
  • Patterns and Designs
  • Custom Graphics
  • Perforations

Materials and Systems

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Metal Composite

Alucobond® is the world’s original Metal Composite Material (MCM) and has the reputation of being the most trusted and superior MCM product on the market.

Having been pioneered over 40 years ago, the innovative capabilities of Alucobond® has elevated the limits of design and architecture to new heights. Sobotec revolutionized the use of this material with their Rainscreen Systems which became one of the most widely used specifications in North America.

SL-2000 – Dry Joint Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System

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Aluminum Plate

Aluminum plate has superior durability and numerous fabrication options. This solid material is available in vibrant custom colours and finishes. Whether the project is small or monumental, aluminum plate is a great choice!


SL-2000P – Dry Joint Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System
SL-5000P – Dry Joint Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System

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High Pressure Laminate & Phenolic

With its endless design and custom graphic possibilities, high-pressure laminates allows you to inspire through design and add character to any building. Using only the best, Fundermax is the leading high-pressure laminate (HPL) material worldwide. High pressure laminates are versatile products with numerous interior and exterior applications.

Custom Graphics & Designs
Thinking about an original design? Have an inspiring idea? Contact us to learn how you can create your very own graphics or custom design to express your creativity in your architectural design.


FSL-100 – Exposed Fastener System  
FSL-200 – Concealed Fastener System

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SurFlex / Natural Metals

Natural metals such as zinc, copper, and stainless steel can provide your project with a timeless sheen. These materials are 100% recyclable and are available in numerous finishes. Natural metals are unmistakable and can evolve in time, making a truly memorable impression.


SURFLEX – Single Skin Modular Panel System
SL-2000P – Dry Joint Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System

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Perforated & Custom

Enhance the look of your project with a unique pattern, perforated image or an engineered abstract panel design.  A truly unique and unmatched visual effect can be created when using Sobotec’s custom-engineered cladding.


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Subframing Systems

From thermally broken framing clips to custom sub-framing systems to z-bars, hat-channels and more, contact us today to discuss our standard and custom sub-framing options.
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Tell Us About Your Project

If you would like a consultation on your project or would like to discuss ways to optimize your initial design, feel free to get in touch with us today. We will evaluate your current design and assist you with one of our standard, modified or custom-engineered solutions that will achieve your design intent.