Sobotec Advanced Manufacturing

SAM & Custom Systems

Sobotec specializes in custom engineered panel systems.  For over 35 years our engineering and design teams have translated conceptual architectural ideas into high-performance panel systems.  Hence our tagline, “Adding Structure to Vision”.   Our approach is collaborative as each system is customized and engineered based on the specific requirements of your project.

Our Sobotec Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) division focuses on complete custom systems and products.

Each SAM product offering is customized based on your design.

Additionally, we assist architects who want to know how they can develop conceptual ideas or complex designs in built form.

We provide them with out-of-the-box thinking and innovative architectural solutions.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom panel solutions in aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, composites and other materials.

Along with these capabilities, when required, all SAM designs include custom manufactured substructures, framing systems, extrusions, flashings, closures and trim by Sobotec.


Focusing on R&D and innovation, our SAM division is comprised of thought-leaders, innovators, creators, critical-thinkers, designers and engineers. They have designed, engineered and manufactured custom engineered systems and architectural panel solutions for some of the most admired architectural projects in the world.

The adaptability of our team allows us to develop specialty architectural products from concept to completion.   In keeping with our commitment of exceptional engineering and high-quality manufacturing, the SAM division ensures all project details are clearly defined with shop drawings which are fully engineered and ready-to manufacture.

Custom Fabrication & Architectural Items

Whether it is a complex shape attached to a curtain wall or a standard infill panel, the SAM division provides a wide range of completely customized and unitized solutions for building envelope curtain walls and façades.  We also produce specialty architectural products and provide value-added components including substructures, custom systems, extrusions and more.

Some of these products include:

  • Custom Fabricated Panels
  • Aluminum Shadow Box Panels
  • Decorative Building Accents (Bullnose, Fin Screens)
  • Integrated Building Accessories & Enclosures (Radiator Covers)

Perforated Panels and Screen Walls

Perforated panels and screen walls are a great addition to any project.  These architectural products can stand-alone as their own façade system, individual artistic architectural element or as a sunshade for daylight management.  Our perforated solutions can be easily repeated, customized with graphics or patterns, or engineered to create a one of a kind design.  No matter the pattern or design, the options are almost endless.  Available in various materials and finishes, contact us today to discuss your design and how we can help.

Perforated panel & screen wall options include:

  • Flat or curved perforated screen panels
  • Profiled perforated screen panels
  • Custom pattern perforated screen panels
  • Custom graphic designed perforated screen panels
  • Textured screen walls
  • Perforated SurFlex or Aluminum Plate panels

Custom Corrugated or Custom Profiled Cladding

Add a unique look to any project with custom corrugated or custom profiled cladding.  Our single-skin corrugated and profiled panel products are part of a rainscreen system.  With numerous custom profiles and design options available, these panels are extremely versatile and highly economical.   These products are used in a variety of applications and include options for both concealed or exposed fasteners.

Contact us today to discuss your custom or standard requirements for:

  • Custom Formed Cladding
  • Corrugated/Perforated Cladding

Talk to an Expert

Whether you require a budget price or a firm bid on a multi-million dollar tender, get in touch with us today and experience why Sobotec is North America’s leading provider of architectural cladding systems.