Corporate Identity

Single Source for National Corporate Programs

The Corporate Identity Development (CID) division at Sobotec is one of the world’s only fully integrated divisions for corporate identity development with coverage across all of North America.

Benefits of working with our CID division include:

  • A full-service, turn-key concept to completion approach.

  • A single-source of responsibility for the complete design, manufacturing and installation of your façade. This also includes signage, specialty lighting and custom branded projects.

  • One company to deal with for all locations across North America.

  • A full suite of products and services for panel systems including cladding, corporate colours, patented designs, integrated lighting, signage, substructure, innovative custom projects and more.

  • Brand guideline reinforcement.  Acting as your brand watchdog we implement uniformity and standardization across all project types and sizes.

  • Over 35 years of experience working with the world’s top brands.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your company’s corporate identity goals.

Our CID division is one of the world’s only fully integrated divisions for corporate identity development with coverage across all of North America. We have one of the world’s only fully integrated divisions focusing on corporate identity.

Our Clients

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Corporate Identity Development Services

Project Management

We recognize the unique needs of corporate identity programs and understand the critical role branding plays in a company’s success.

That is why we dedicate the following personnel and processes to each of our CID clients:

  • Your own assigned Project Manager actively engaged with every detail of your CID program.

  • A team of experienced professionals committed to meeting the exact requirements of your brand in built form.

  • A seamless process where we handle every aspect of your CID program and all project locations from start to finish.

  • Outstanding client support throughout every phase of your project from initial design to final installation.

Design & Engineering

Early on we work with architects and designers in the preliminary design stages of a project.

Our CID division specializes in:

  • Understanding the unique design requirements, aesthetics and functional efficiency of your brand in built form.

  • Providing upfront R&D, engineering and design-assistance to help you achieve your intended vision for your corporate identity.

  • Budget support assistance, design suggestions, and cost control strategies to identify other value-added benefits.

  • Designing numerous types of branded applications such as customized façades, entrance portals, interiors and even custom displays to feature vehicles or products.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Our state of the art facility is able to provide numerous production benefits for our CID clients.

These production benefits include:

  • Precisely matched corporate colours
  • Custom branded graphics
  • Optimized budgets for multiple projects
  • Rapid deployment of products and systems
  • Use of world-class materials and Sobotec custom-engineered systems
  • Fabrication of the most demanding intricate designs
  • Design and testing of highly engineered structures
  • Signage, sub-structures, speciality lighting, displays, custom projects and more

Our quality and commitment to the world’s leading brands is why they rely on us for all their corporate identity needs.


Our in-house installation crews and partners are industry professionals who have installed CID projects all across North America.

We always put our customers first and here are some reasons why they consider us the best:

  • Installation coverage all across North America

  • Thousands of installed projects for the most recognizable global brands

  • The highest quality standards in the industry

  • On-time, on-budget and on-schedule installations

  • One of the best safety records in the Nation

  • Decades of experience

  • Use of 3D laser scanning and image mapping to ensure precise and accurate measurements prior to installation

Lighting, Signage & Custom Projects

Our CID division has redefined the way corporations approach and view their corporate identity programs.

We will help you communicate the importance of your brand in built form and literally illuminate the design goals of your National program.

Along with providing façade solutions and engineered systems, we also provide our CID clients with the following:

  • Signage
  • Illuminated Signage
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Kiosks & Curbside Pylons
  • Featured Vehicle Displays
  • Custom Displays
  • Custom Projects

If you have a custom branded design idea that you would like to see in built form, contact us today. 

Full Coverage Across North America

Whether it is a handful of branded flagship stores or a launch of a few hundred dealerships, we provide global brands and corporations with coverage all across North America.

From coast to coast, you can rely on us for the following:

  • Installations across every city in North America

  • Single source responsibility from the initial design idea to manufacturing to final installation

  • Project design uniformity and brand standardization ensuring your corporate identity is properly and authentically represented for all project sizes

  • Enforcement of brand guidelines for every project
Map of Clients we've helped in North America

The world's leading brands trust Sobotec. View some of our actual CID locations below.