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Architectural Wall Systems

Sobotec Ltd. is a leader in the design, fabrication and installation of architectural wall systems, specializing in Metal Composite, Aluminum Plate and Phenolic Composite panel systems.

Sobotec can also meet your corporate identity and signage program needs. Our Corporate Identity Development division offers a suite of services for panel systems, lighting and signage to ensure your corporate brand is structured for maximum presence in the marketplace.

Sobotec…a leader in architectural wall panel systems

It started with a vision!

When Sobotec Ltd. was founded in 1988, our vision was to produce a modern wall panel system like no other. Backed by a strong engineering background and commitment to innovation using a new Aluminum Composite Material (Alucobond®), we achieved this goal by pioneering new attachment systems… the first of their kind in the industry.

Our company’s innovative culture, success in the development of the attachment systems and emphasis on efficient manufacturing quickly launched Sobotec as a leader in the design, fabrication and installation of Aluminum Composite Panel Systems (ACM). Today, the company is the single largest processor of ACM in North America, with an average annual production of 2,000,000 sq. ft. of various materials.

Superior engineering and manufacturing techniques is Sobotec’s trademark and it continues to underscore our company’s commitment to innovation. These driving forces also helped the company develop systems for traditional plate and HIGH pressure laminate panel systems. Further strengthening our leadership role is our strong alignments with leading manufacturers of materials such as Alucobond® and FunderMax®.

Sobotec serves the North American market by delivering, on time and within budget, a wide range of projects…from one- panel assignments to its largest venture to date, involving some 500,000 sq. ft. of cladding that incorporates Alucobond®, Phenolic Composite and stainless steel.

Rounding out the company’s services is our dedicated Corporate Identity Development (CID) division to provide companies – big and small – with the panel systems, lighting and signage needed for their corporate identify and signage programs.

Sobotec employs the industry’s largest technical team and operates out of an 180,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. We are one of a handful of companies certified by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) as a Certified Premium MCM Fabricator.